Who Are We? 

 Who Are We?

Who Is Ignite Nation?

We are a for-purpose organization providing K-12 schools with a system and structure that enhances the student mentoring initiative and sustainable culture of success in schools. 

 College interns , trainers, student leaders and athelets helping school safety, no guns, stop the violence and improve your school. 

How It All Began

Turning a vision into reality doesn't come without its challenges. But time and time again, achievers have proven that we should never underestimate the power of passion. 

 student athletes, student leaders,  school training for students.  Stop the guns, involve your students to end bullying, end school violence.  Empower students and community 

What Does Ignite Nation Do?

Ignite offers schools a research based online system that connects the dots for student success.  We provide the curriculum, training, and coaching to help you get results. 

 Student leaders, student mentors, improving social emotional learning support through a dual learning system. School safety happens when students get involved to improve graduation, improve academics, improve school culture, improve school climate.   Get results now!

Mission & Vision 

Since 1998, Ignite Nation has partnered with schools to create positive learning enviornments that foster genuine accountability and belief in self.