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 build leadership capacity * improve Safety * Social Emotional growth

Ignite Nation uses research-based teaching and learning practices to implement a customized system and structure tailored to the existing initiatives and needs of your school or district. Whether you're looking to enhance professional development or want to improve school data, Ignite Nation can connect the dots. Let's begin by making powerful shifts in your school's success culture. 

Why character-based solutions? Many of the problems that schools are having are character-based. It’s not just test scores that schools are concerned about, but creating a sense of belonging, kindness, and safety are motivating schools to improve their culture. By understanding the two strains of Character; Mastery and Relationship, we can define daily actions and practices that help everyone consistently do their best work while being their best selves.

Ignite Nation provides a sustainable system allowing voices in your school to rise up and improve culture and data. All initiatives include a Online Learning System, Curriculum, Onsite Training, and Ongoing Coaching to ensure proper implementation for accelerated AND sustainable growth. 

Our curriculum standards and framework for classroom-wide consistency were co-created with schools to ensure that Ignite's solutions benefit all schools. Our blended training system and training methodology takes an innovative approach to staff and student engagement.

High school mentoring improve freshman academics, improve referrals, increase retention, improve safety of your school. No guns, no bullying, stop school violence with student mentors.
Teacher professional development, improve school climate, school safety and school transitions with students and staff leading together

enhancing school culture

Approach professional development in a new way. Start with your staff to create and embed sustainable practices that lead to growth and achievement. The phases in our Culture Advancement System make it easy to begin at any time.

Student athletes, student mentors, leadership development, improve school culture. Improve school safety!  Stop the violence. Student and peer mentors. Duel Learning Platform to communicate with all student

Yearlong Transitions Mentoring

These years are full of self discovery, awkwardness, and peer influence. Your student mentors are the agents of change that can improve your school's success culture. 

Academic, Social, and Emotional Tier I & Tier II support for incoming students.

Character Education supporting every student. School safety, parent community and teachers coming together. Solution for PTA involved in the leadership of a school

Ignite Character!

Showing respect, being kind to those that are different from you, and taking responsibility for personal actions are important to learn in the early years.

These don't happen just because students are told to do it! Your Character ambassadors will be role models leading the way.