What Do Staff and Students Think?

Lets hear from just a few of them! 

Lakes High School Rebooted Touchstone

We strive for CONSISTENCY in all that we do. We recognize that the success of our goals depends on working together

We hold ourselves and others ACCOUNTABLE to high expectations and take responsibility for our own actions. We acknowledge that our behavior reflects who we are.

We recognize, RESPECT, and love that our diversity is our strength. We dignify our differences by making meaningful connections.

We support and ENCOURAGE each other on our good and bad days.

We believe that everyone can succeed and celebrate our growth and accomplishments with pride.

Once a Lancer, Always a Lancer!

Lakes High School Touchstone 1

We show respect for ourselves and others through kind words and deeds
We set high expectations for ourselves and accept responsibility for our own actions
We support, encourage and challenge each other as we strive to be our best in school and life
We celebrate our successes with enthusiasm
We have courage to do the right thing
We are the Lancers and this is the Lakes Way!

Jason Lee Middle School

We are Bobcats! We stand with Pride.
We honor and respect ourselves and others.
We reach our goals through hard work and dedication. We inspire, motivate and encourage each other to do and be our best.
We are powerful, yet peaceful!
We are forever, Bobcats.’

Woodbrook Middle School

Mann Middle School

We are the Mustangs!
We believe that we ALL can achieve our goals.
As Mustangs, we hold ourselves and each other accountable and we are responsible for our own behavior and learning.
Mustangs have high expectations and work together to create a respectful and supportive environment.
As a Mustang, we encourage each other to do our best every day. Every day is a fresh start.
This is who we are. This is the Mustang Way!

Having Ignite as part of our building has positively impacted all those it touches.
— Danielle W., Teacher