Creating a School-Wide Touchstone

What does this process look like?

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First, we start with the data

After getting a 'baseline' of your school's current culture from all stakeholders, we can begin to articulate the language that meets their needs.

What's always revealed through this process is that staff and students want the same thing and are experiencing the same issues! Their collective voice is the equalizer that helps everyone see each other in a new way and to own their individual role in the process. 


Then we get to work

It takes a series of trade-offs between staff and students before a Touchstone can be completed and signed off by the entire school. This can only be done through careful supervision, review, and consistent support from adult advocates and student buy in.

Ignite will work with you to connect the dots and ensure that your "living touchstone is not a creed of commandments but rather an inspiration that develops critical thinking and ethical judgement" (S&G)

The Power of One is one of the most popular initiatives that can help with this student component.


The final step is bringing your Touchstone to life

Seeing it happen daily in the actions, practices, and behaviors in your classrooms, hallways, sports fields, and staff rooms.

We have lesson plans to help follow up with the conversation in class that can be facilitated by your team of student ambassadors or teachers.

We also have lessons created through our Orientation and Spring Transitions System that introduces your Touchstone to your incoming class helping all transitioning students to feel apart of a community that supports and challenges them in a positive way.