The Power of One!

across the country, students are inspiring students to improve the culture of their schools by changing the quality of their social climate

The Power of One is a one-day, school wide event with a unique approach that battles the barriers that hinder a school's capacity for success. Students and staff are actively engaged in a series of workshops built to acknowledge the differences within their school and empower everyone to pursue a more unified culture. What makes this day effective is that our team partners with a diverse, untraditional group of student mentors and leaders to give them the skills they need to transform their schools in a positive way.

Connecting the dots between individuality and belonging 

Powered by student voice, this day was designed to help schools realize that the success of everyone's goals depends your ability to work together! To do your best work while doing it with respect and care. Creating opportunities for everyone to see each other with a new perspective to celebrate the differences that enrich our community and to recognize that diversity is strength. How can we encourage one another on our good and bad days and acknowledge that our behavior reflects who we are as individuals and as a community? Especially on the days when we don't feel valued as a person or feel alone in our life's journey. This day is about inspiring hope and action. 

Create a culture & climate of social, emotional and academic success

Your student mentors will be trained to facilitate, manage, and debrief real conversations about self awareness, healthy relationships, accountability, self belief, positive and negative self talk, and safety. When mentors realize that their greatest tool is their self confidence to speak what's right, they create a safe space that nurtures all students. Encouraging them to create personal connections with new people leading to powerful relationships.

Staff and educators love this unique experience with their students

Learning from one another, staff play a new role in the day as participants as they gain new insight into the lives of their students. And vice versa! Our breakouts were co-created with schools to act as vehicles to deeper, more personal discussions. And its these discussions that become the equalizer for your entire learning community. 

This day is just the beginning!

The Ignite Student Leaders are prepared to follow up and support the building in a new way. Whether you are starting Ignite Yearlong Mentoring or are developing your School-Wide Touchstone, this event is a game-changer. Help your incoming and first year students gain an experience that will carry them from a successful first year, to the community, to their adult lives, and eventually to their families as well. 

Start a Tradition, Leave a Legacy