Develop 21st Century Leaders

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High School

The first step to increasing graduation rate is making sure that all incoming students have a successful 9th grade year. 

Help your incoming class navigate through pivotal academic, and social experiences.  Student Mentors help their freshman feel connected and committed to their school.

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Middle School

These years are full of self discovery, awkwardness, and peer influence.  Students need to feel a sense of belonging while cultivating their individuality. 

Selected student mentors reinforce positive behavior and decision-making impacting the classroom, hallway, and lunchroom!



Showing respect, being kind to those that are different from you, and taking responsibility for personal actions are important to learn in the early years.

An equity-based team of diverse Character student Ambassadors come together to bring school expectations to life. 

Mentoring Through the Generations 

Every year, mentors prepare their incoming peers through transitions supporting articulation between 6-12

The Impact of Mentor-Mentee Connections