The Power of One

The Power of One is a one day team building exercise that will bring your student body together like never before. Students and staff are challenged to open up to themselves and each other through a series of student-led workshops that will change the perspective of how your students and staff see each other. 

Student Leadership Academy 

This unique, interactive 3 -day session (delivered over a span of 5-7 weeks) builds in an accountability factor where leaders are trained to practice their skills and report back to the group on their experiences. Participants will have an opportunity to share ideas on how to best turn core principles into meaningful action.

Ignite Character! for Elementary Schools

Ignite taps into your most powerful resource—your students, to be part of the solution by giving them a voice in helping shape the character in your building!  Ignite partners with schools to garner this influence with an initiative that creates positive peer influence by having students lead students and model character traits through video clips and experiential activities.

The Leadership Academy was just what we needed. Our district recognizes that the student perspective and mentorship needed to be involved in changing and improving the culture of the school...Ignite was a excellent fit. I highly recommend this to any school that is serious about improved school atmosphere, leadership, pride and ownership.

— Superintendent Vernonia School District, Vernonia, Oregon