Executive Mentor T-Shirts

Executive Mentor T-Shirts

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Ignite Uni-Gender T-Shirts are a signature item of the program.

When Executives wear their shirts while visiting feeder schools during spring transitions, the experience not only builds positive relationships but also helps incoming students easily identify a helpful face in a crowd. So whether its orientation or the first few days of school, you can bet that these vibrant shirts will help transitioning students feel safe and welcomed. And for every Yearlong M2M, you can bet that Executives wear their shirts into every first year classroom in your school.

Executive Shirts are always a different color from Mentor Shirts to help identify your student leaders with ease. And also helps them own their role even more because they earned it!

You can choose your T-Shirt color! (Mentor shirts can be the same or different color) Our Ignite Logo is attached to the front and includes 6 different colors in one price!

Our T-Shirts are produced using the stencil method instead of being printed on a printing press. Hand cut by design, these shirts wash well and last for years! Peeling and faded shirts are no fun!

For the design, quality, and colors, we've locked in an amazing deal with our provider to ensure that our partners get the best without hurting your wallet.

Enrich the Executive Mentor impact for every student in your building and help bring the Program to life today!

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