School Culture Advancement

Professional Development, Empowering Staff in a New Way!

Change cannot be learned and applied in a two-day seminar or in an afternoon meeting. Consistent applications happen in the classroom, teacher’s lounge, hallway, lunchroom, and even on the playing field of your school.

Schools are facing character-based challenges that are having a profound impact on student education. It is becoming evident that for sustainable student success the focus must be on improving overall school culture.   

The first step is to define culture and develop practices to drive powerful change in a building

Staff Culture Advancement System

when culture is first, success follows 

Start with your staff to create and embed sustainable practices that lead to growth and achievement. The 6 steps in our Culture Advancement System make it easy to begin at any time.

This will help you improve collegiality, improve student performance, and create a sustainable success culture. Our unique approach and consistent support helps institutionalize positive change.

Building a stream of practices  get results

Ignite collaborates in a blended learning model with your Administration and Leadership Team to identify current goals, initiatives, and collect data through surveys and discussions.  After analyzing your results with your team, a customized action plan is created to institutionalize positive change. 

Anthony Muhammad transforming school culture. How to overcome staff division. Improve culture. Improve school climate.

 defining your culture, smart & good research

The first step in the Culture Advancement System is establishing the baseline of your school's 'existing culture' by conducting a informal audit and School Culture Inventory with adults and students.

Improve school climate through professional development. School or District Wide Program.  National program. Healthy school culture. Creating safe schools. Provide the framework for improving school culture

 developing shared beliefs

Let's work with your leadership team, who in turn, work with your entire staff to uncover their individual beliefs, attitudes, and understanding about their teaching and learning environment.

Mohomad on school culture improving Federal Way School District and Tacoma School District  Muhammad on school culture: how to overcome staff division
Learning that when we get help from our friends everything in life becomes easy to manage. Great work West Meck

Learning that when we get help from our friends everything in life becomes easy to manage. Great work West Meck

 DevelopIng A staff compact for excellence

Aligning with the Shared Beliefs we help create a Staff Compact for Excellence

This compact focuses on practices that define doing your best work with doing it with respect and care. 

The process of developing the compact gives staff ownership and accountability in their every day actions and behaviors.


 Creating your school-wide touchstone

There are 3 phases to developing a living school-wide Touchstone. Every step of the way, we make sure that all voices in your school are a part of the creation process. 

A. Creation

B. Implementation

C. Sustenance