Ignite collaborates with your leadership team to develop shared beliefs, improve collegiality, and improve culture.  We lead your team through a process that includes collecting data through surveys and discussions, analyzing results and then creating an action plan to institutionalize positive change. 

Ignite brings best practices from successful schools and research groups across the country to connect the dots within your building and your district.

Ignites process to creating a Success Culture: 

1. Conduct a School Culture Inventory

Conduct a School Culture Inventory and an online survey establishes the baseline of the existing school ‘culture’ (The survey report is generated by The Institute of Excellence and Ethics). This understanding and acceptance of the current state can enable a school to establish the ‘desired state’ and the relevant interventions to close the gap.

2. Developing Shared Beliefs

All research points to the fact that adults have to come together first before students can rally. Your Ignite coach will help your staff develop their shared beliefs.  What are the common beliefs between your staff?  We will help your leadership team develop a list of beliefs your staff really has in common.  

3. Developing aStaff Compact for Excellence

Compact for Excellence is an action plan that your adults agree as a 'team' working together in a consistent and intentional way to do their Best Work and do it with Respect & Care.  Be their Best Self!  The process of developing and creating this over time allows staff to own the process and the practices.  
Most agree, that when implemented consistently by most, this collective, consistent focus on practices will have a significant impact on student achievement.  Another component of the process is to help staff take this process to the next step and develop a classroom compact with their students that establishes expectations where students and classroom teacher agree to do their BEST WORK and do it with RESPECT & CARE.  This practice can serve as a tool for improved classroom behavior and student achievement. 

3. Creating a School Touchstone

A schoolwide touchstone expresses the shared values and aspirations of the school community. Adults and students tend to thrive in environments where expectations are clearly and consistently articulated and reinforced. The touchstone, once developed through collaboration with staff, students and community serves as a powerful tool that dictates expectations for learning and social behavior.  The Touchstone expresses the core values of the community and helps set the culture of behavior and expectations through a common language. Ignite will help facilitate the process of helping develop your touchstone and to help keep the community to ‘Live the School Way!   This process is another piece that helps define the Success Culture of your school.

4. Leadership Development through One on One Coaching.

Your Ignite Coaches brings 30 years of coaching corporate and academic leaders.  They will work with your administrative team to develop strong leadership practices for staff leaders.   Staff members assigned to a new leadership role will require ongoing support and coaching.  Leading peers is one of the hardest things to do for both students and staff.

Let's Empower your Leaders to Create a Culture of Excellence!

Ignite can see what I do from a different lens and helps me be a better teacher. Sometimes we get into our routine and we forget what we are doing well and what else we can add.
— Teacher, Lakes H.S. Lakewood Washington
Ignite for Schools has been a great investment for our school and our district.
— Selah Middle School