Select Your Level of Support for your School

a collection of instructional training videos and curriculum hosted on our Online Blended Training System

 After registering your school, we create profiles for your Ignite Character Advisor and when requested, each Character Ambassador as well!  Tracking individual growth and collecting data on their understanding and skill development is just one of the many tools available at your finger tips.  Whether its supporting your advisors that pilots the program or responding to the feedback of your classroom teachers or ambassadors, Ignite is with you every step of the way! 


First, Select Your Level of Support

how quickly do you want to reach sustainability and accelerate results?


Your decision comes down to the level of Ignite Support you need so your school can start to get the results you desire. For first year schools, we always recommend  Level 3.  Lets not take any changes.   An experienced Ignite Nation coach can lead the way.  Your team will begin with ease and make corse corrections early to get you the results in the first few months.    By  bringing the foundational training camp to your school  everyone will gain the confidence, skills, and belief they need to run your system for years to come.

Sustainability Level: Using IN Bridges Training Platform

Sustainable Subscription is $2,700 a year. A yearlong access to ALL the curriculum and training videos for every level of support

Our goal is to get your school certified to sustainability in 1-2 years.  The online training system is designed to support every level of your team every year!   Our sustainable subscription is continually getting new lessons, enroll all users, and release new features. Being advocates for staff and student voice, we strive to create lessons based on the requests of our partners.

Level 1: Basic Sustainable

Includes over 20+ hours of online coaching & support:$4,700*

- 3 HR Advisor Virtual Training (set up & implementation)

- 10 HRS  Coaching & Support (ongoing coaching for sustainability) 

- 3 HRS  4-5 Virtual Meetings (Advisors, Leadership, Admin, Ambassadors)

Level 2: Jump Start

Includes ALL OF level 1, PLUS

- 2 days of onsite foundational trainings for Advisors, and Character ambassadors

Lets talk through when the best time to get started! 

Level 3: Yearlong Support

INCLUDES ALL OF Level 1 & 2, Plus

- Onsite Coaching and Training for 4-8 of the monthly lessons

Call Today for a Customized Plan

Onsite lesson Training for monthly lessons allows your advisors and ambassadors to experience the train-the-trainer model

This level of support will solidify structure and enhance benefits for all students in your school. Onsite observations in classrooms for character presentations and check in meetings with Advisors, Leadership, and Admin. Onsite Planning and Celebration for Ambassadors at the end of year.  (Character Ambassador Certificates & Template for Letters to Parents Included). After the completion of your first year, we have a certification process to support your school becoming sustainable.  

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