Power of One is a one day, school-wide camp with a unique approach towards battling the barriers that hinder a school’s capacity for success. Students and staff are actively engaged in a series of workshops built to acknowledge the differences within their building and empowering them to pursue a more unified culture. What makes this day effective is that our Ignite team partners with a diverse group of student mentors and leaders and gives them the skills they need to transform their schools in a positive way.    

Connecting the dots between individuality and belonging creates a climate of success that not only resonates within the school but throughout the community. 
This day is just the beginning! The mentors are prepared to follow up and support the school in a new way.  Follow up lessons for available for advisory upon request.

The Power of One creates leaders in the smallest individuals. Especially the quiet ones like me. You don’t need votes to be elected. Just a teacher that believes in you.
— Sarah, Sophomore Lakes High School

How it works:

Student Training
A one-day training for a diverse group of students leaders and student mentors. Training is designed to set the tone, bring the team together, establish the vision, and facilitate breakouts.  Their breakouts will be used as an anchor for the day. 

School Assembly
Power of One opens and closes with an assembly speaker who engages the audience with their personal experiences setting the tone for the day and making a lasting impression. 

Break Out Sessions
Six customized workshops are facilitated by student mentors. Tailored to the needs of your building, sessions are designed to break down barriers, help participants gain a new perspective and help students honor who they are. 

Cross the Line
The day ‘crescendos’ and ends with a life-changing activity, “Cross the Line”. This event helps unify the school by empowering participants to celebrate differences and gain respect for their peers.

Perspectacles Video

Ever wonder what it would be like to see things that others can't see? We help your students gain a new perspective and acknowledge the differences within their building and empowering them to pursue a more unified culture.