Student to Student mentoring is one of the most powerful and affordable ways to get results and prepare our leaders of the future! 

Our Unique Approach to Student Mentoring:

  • Ignite College Interns and Coaches partner with your school for kickoff training camps and optional monthly onsite support.
  • Curriculum that teaches character building, leadership, and essential life skills is part of every lesson facilitated by your mentors!
  • Blended learning model allows mentors to attend training with their team and attend online training, ongoing leadership rubric, take quizzes for understanding, track weekly goals, and journal reflections on their own time!  
  • Our lessons support both academic and social issues your students face everyday.
  • Ignite’s ongoing training focuses on developing lifelong leadership skills, preparing mentors for lessons that encourage academic success and strengthen community.
  • It is through the personal stories of your student mentors that the lessons come to life!
  • Our model is a 1:5 ratio; 1 mentor supporting 5 mentees. 
  • Our system includes 8 formal mentor lessons and ongoing social and academic Tier II informal connections.

Our Yearlong Transition System

1. Spring Transitions

Parent information nights are important, but there is so much more you can do this spring to get your incoming class ready to transition to your school.  Let the transition begin now!   Mentors can make a great first impression of your school, and they can also begin showing the importance of preparing early to get off to a good start!

A small team of student mentors will be selected and trained to make 3-4 visits to your feeder schools.  Lessons range from topics like ‘Everything I wish I knew before High School’ to ‘What is a Model 9th/6th Grader?’ to ‘Let's get involved?’  Mentors can work with counselors to help with registration as well. 

2. Orientation by Student Design

Mentors are trained to deliver a 1-3 day Orientation for your incoming class.   Orientation is purposefully designed to build relationships between your mentors and incoming students based on mutual respect and caring.  Mentors are given ownership and responsibility with staff support to make sure everyone gets off to a great start.  Goal  Setting, Organization Skills, Time Management and Team Building are a few of the most requested topics.  Our train the trainer model can design your plan or support an existing tradition.  

3. Student-to-Student Yearlong Mentoring

    A structured way to build leadership capacity!

A selected and trained  team of caring upperclass mentors support their 'mentee' family throughout the year.   Ongoing mentor training, classroom feedback, and course corrections are features of the program.  The curriculum for the incoming students has a blend of social/emotional and academic lessons.  Subjects include: How to improve my GPA, Peer Pressure vs. Peer Influence,  Get Ahead Stay Ahead, Learning Strategies/STAAR learner, and Cyber Bullying.  The student mentors are trained through a dual learning system.

 Ignite provides a CTE course curriculum and online training through Ignite Nation Bridges.  This process empowers schools to become sustainable in 2-3 years.  The 'secret sauce' is the facilitation process the mentors are trained on and lead with their mentees.  

As mentors we are the extra degree, the uncomfortable pressure and sometimes the annoying ball of energy that pushes the Freshman to transform and become something amazing.”
— Mentor, Lincoln H.S. Des Moines, Iowa
Ignite is an opportunity: not only for the Freshmen to change, but also for me to contribute to something worthwhile.
— Executive Mentor
I can use my own love for math and helping others to make a difference. I help them be organized, I motivate them and show them, that with hard work, comes rewards.
— Math Mentor Federal Way H.S.