Peer mentoring is one of the most powerful and affordable ways to impact individuals, school-wide. Peer mentoring works because it empowers students to be a part of the solution. 

Our Unique Approach to Mentorship Includes:

  • Custom curriculum that teaches character building, leadership, and essential life skills in every lesson facilitated by mentors!
  • Blended learning model that allows mentors and mentees to watch video lessons, take quizzes, participate in discussion boards, track their leadership goals, and log weekly reflections and journal entries. 
  • Ignite helps transition your incoming class into their new building through a yearlong peer mentoring initiative. It is mentoring with an edge!
  • Ignite’s consistent training focuses on creating a student led Orientation, developing lifelong leadership skills and preparing mentors for lessons that encourage academic success and strengthen community.
  • We sustain results through monthly onsite training bringing in accountability to  goals and yearlong lessons that are flexible to your building needs.

Our Mentorship Program: 3 aspects to make it stick! We can customize each to your situation.

1. Spring Transitions

Parent information nights and school tours are important, but there is so much more you can do this spring to get your incoming class thinking about the importance of high school and beyond.  Let the transition begin now!   Mentors can not only make a great first impression of your school, but they can also begin showing the importance of preparing early to get off to a good start! A small team of student mentors will be selected and trained to make several visits to your feeder schools.  Lessons are customized to your district needs, with subjects ranging from ‘Everything I wish I knew before entering High School’ to ‘What is a GPA?’ to ‘How do I get involved?’  'How can I get off to a fast start to meet my goals". Mentors can work with counselors to help with registration as well. And if there is a School Touchstone in place, they can be the ambassadors of your schools' culture!

2.Orientation by Student Design

Mentors are selected and trained to understand the critical elements of designing and delivering an orientation for the greatest impact—purposefully designed to build relationships between the upperclassmen and incoming students based on mutual respect and caring.  Mentors are given ownership and responsibility with staff support to “orient” and embrace the incoming class students.  

3. Student-to-Student Yearlong Mentoring --not just a suggestion but a structured way to build leadership capacity!

Selected and trained  caring upperclassmen mentors will support their 'mentee' family throughout the year on a 1:5 ratio. Ongoing mentor training, classroom feedback, and course corrections are features of the program.  Curriculum is customized to school goals. Lesson subjects include: improving your GPA, Peer Pressure vs. Peer Influence, Drug and Alcohol Abuse, STAAR learner, and Cyber Bullying.  The student mentors are trained through a dual learning method.  All lessons including quizzes for understanding, model videos and reflections that are hosted online, and an onsite monthly training led by an Ignite Coach to lead through experiential activities and facilitate all lessons in small groups.

Over time, sustainability is built in based on the school structure that supports the belief in peer mentoring.

As mentors we are the extra degree, the uncomfortable pressure and sometimes the annoying ball of energy that pushes the Freshman to transform and become something amazing.”
— Mentor, Lincoln H.S. Des Moines, Iowa
Ignite is an opportunity: not only for the Freshmen to change, but also for me to contribute to something worthwhile.
— Executive Mentor
I can use my own love for math and helping others to make a difference. I help them be organized, I motivate them and show them, that with hard work, comes rewards.
— Math Mentor Federal Way H.S.