Ignite Nation partners with students and staff to create positive learning environments that foster genuine accountability and belief in self, so students can live enriched and satisfying lives!

We are a for-purpose organization, providing K -12 schools with peer mentor transition services and school culture advancement solutions. We have been partnering with schools since 1998, influencing over one million students. 

Our Vision

Empower students to discover their purpose and turn their dreams into reality.

To be the number one advocate for students and educators that impacts their social and academic excellence.

Our Focus

Our focus is academic achievement and the creation of positive supportive communities.......creating an Achievement Culture!  Our programs are student driven; mentors are taught leadership skills, mentor their peers with those skills, and work to create a climate that supports and challenges incoming students. We empower school leadership teams to develop best practices, set SMART goals, and engage students in learning these skills that create an environment that empowers students to own their success.

To empower people to do their BEST Work and be their BEST Self. Empowering people for life.

We Believe

In facilitating the learning process where students uncover and discover their potential and their gifts. 

In speaking intentional language to ourselves to alter our own realities. We are the change we wish to see!

Committed people can change the world and make a difference. 

What gets measured gets improved!

We believe in being present in TODAY. 

With ongoing coaching, skills training, practice and support youth can learn the gift of positively impacting the lives of others through mentorship.

Over time, when mentorship becomes reciprocal between the generations, we believe the impact will spread to global proportions.

Join us by changing your school 

Ignite listens to determine the needs of individual buildings then helps develop a plan with the school leadership to bring the staff and students to the next level of growth.
— Susan B., Selah Middle School
Ignite has provided us with a comprehensive way to allow people to be trained...and engrain into our culture what it means to serve others.
— Jon B., Principal
Ignite is an opportunity: not only for the freshmen to change, but also for me to contribute to something worthwhile.
— Executive Mentor