Our programs cultivate powerful student leaders, bring interactive teaching techniques to the classroom, unify students and staff, improve school culture, open dialogue between students, teachers and parents, and create a climate of accountability and belief in self.    

Average results of a first year Ignite School:

Our School Partners Change Student's Lives

We couldnʼt be prouder of our schools, the students and staff that make Ignite Nation a change agent for more engaged learning. Here are some of their individual results:

Lakes High School Lakewood, WA

  • The number of seniors graduating and attending a 4-year college improved over 80% in the last 5 years
  • 75% increase in the number of freshmen passing all classes first semester
  • Freshmen referrals decreased by over 30%

Sunnyside High School Tucson, AZ

  • Went from a 45% freshmen failure rate to 24% in one year

Fort Osage High School Kansas City, MO

  • Freshmen teachers testified that they had the fewest number of freshmen fail the 1st semester that any of them could remember

Spotsylvania High School Spotsylvania, VA

  • 66% decrease in failure rates
  • 60%decrease in office referrals

Ignite has provided us with a comprehensive way to allow people to be trained...and engrain into our culture what it means to serve others.
— J.B. Principal
Ignite breaths life and energy into the whole purpose of education.
— L D. Principal
The Leadership Academy was just what we needed. Our district recognizes that the student perspective and mentorship needed to be involved in changing and improving the culture of the school...Ignite was a excellent fit. I highly recommend this to any school that is serious about improved school atmosphere, leadership, pride and ownership.
— Superintendent Vernonia School District, Vernonia, Oregon