Ignite for Schools Online Training

We’ve just launched our NEW online training curriculum that empowers you to bring our innovative programs to your school!  We provide you with step-by-step, interactive trainings that will give you all the skills and tools you and your team will need to build a school culture where all students can achieve.

To implement Ignite programs in your school we will work with you to bring a two-day, intensive onsite training at your school.  We then provide you with over 11 hours of training videos, quizzes, exercises, and assessments to help you implement real, lasting change in your school.

Below are our two training programs:

Our Mentorship Training has everything you need to set up a best in class mentorship program at your school. This series includes trainings that will help your mentors become a positive influence in their school and gain communication, leadership, and facilitation skills.

Our School Culture Training includes a comprehensive series that will help your leadership team develop a plan to start building a healthy school culture.  After this training you will be ready to do an assessment of your current culture, build a staff compact, create a school touchstone and then practical next steps on how to implement these into your school's culture.