Leadership Coaching 

Ashoke Menon, Co. Founder of Ignite Consulting

Ashoke Menon, Co. Founder of Ignite Consulting

For administrators and teachers looking for intentional professional development!

The goal of leadership coaching is to help leaders grow professionally and perform at a level at which you wish to perform, or even at levels that you might not have thought possible. 

Our coaches partner with leaders  to develop practices and systems that will help them increase capacity through having more time and change mindsets to lead at the next level. 

Our coaching framework starts with a simple assessments to identify your natural behavior temperament. A self-discovery of personal leadership style is always a good place to start.  Understanding your own gifts and strengths as well as understanding areas to 'improve in' especially as it relates to 'dealing' with the people you work with on a daily basis. 

1 on 1 Leadership Coaching Will Help You:

•    Set goals at a higher level
•    Establish personal belief statements
•    Develop a plan for your vision and/or expectations and how and when to communicate these messages
•    Establish a communication system--with superiors and the people you directly support/manage/lead.
•    Maximize your available time to spend on higher priorities.(priority management vs. time management)


•  Leverage your assistants and other key allies to free you up to perform higher payoff activities
•   Address conflicts and having 'fierce conversations' in real time in real situations.
•    Develop a personal accountability system  for implementing baby steps to change old habits, practices, mindsets leading to a more sustainable 'next steps' in professional development.
•    How to hold effective meetings; developing meaningful agendas, establishing next steps
One on One Coaching is customized to current needs and goals.


I believe that Ashoke’s coaching of key personnel within the district has been another strong point of our partnership. Ashoke has fostered strengths to help our leaders work with their staff to implement key initiatives. His support has helped strengthen our leadership team, which will ultimately help students achieve at higher levels.
— Superintendent, Selah School District
Ignite can see what I do from a different lens and helps me be a better teacher. Sometimes we get into our routine and we forget what we are doing well and what else we can add.
— Teacher, Lakes H.S. Lakewood Washington