Mission. Vision. Shared Beliefs.

Equip, empower, inspire

Since 1998, Ignite Nation has partnered with schools to create positive learning enviornments that foster genuine accountability and belief in self. 

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To equip, inspire, and empower people to do their best work while being their best selves in a sustainable culture of success. 



For everyone to realize their self value and use their unique voice to inspire hope and live a purposeful life. 

To elevate school communities by helping them embrace and respect the diverse talents of all members.

To be the number one advocate for schools impacting their social, emotional, and academic excellence.                                                                                                                                           



Our Shared Beliefs

1.  Students are the biggest untapped resource in a school building

2.  Culture first,  success follows 

3.  What gets measured, gets improved

4 .  Over time, when mentoring becomes reciprocal between generations, the
      impact will spread to global proportions