Ignite Character!

Take the character words off the wall And bring them to life

Character Student Ambassadors model foundational habits for the classroom, lunchroom, hallways, bus ride and recess time! When students understand the concept of stewardship, they are given the opportunity to engage and value their peers despite their diversities. Take advantage of these formative years and allow your Character Ambassadors to grow their community! 


A team of Character Ambassadors leading their class through an experiential activity about "kindness".

A team of Character Ambassadors leading their class through an experiential activity about "kindness".

What Does This Look Like?

OUr curriculum is Changing classroom engagement, one lesson at a time

Your character words become the theme for your monthly lessons facilitated by your Ambassadors, impacting every classroom in your school!

Ignite's curriculum is not a binder of lesson plans, it is part of a dual learning system for the school advisor and ambassadors.  This approach to character education is a new way following our set design protocol and criteria to maximize student engagement, teaching, and learning.

 It's our facilitation process,  delivered by your ambassadors, that connects the dots and  raises the success culture of your school. 


How Does This Work?

creating a team that supports every single student

We come alongside you to get you started and walk with you every step of the way. Our years of experience and pedagogy helps us implement our Yearlong Ignite System into your existing calendar so that you and your students can own the process that gets results in your first year. 

From the framework and curriculum to the structure that results in consistent growth, we make it our mission to equip, inspire, and empower every role in the journey.


Next, your student ambassadors 

1.  Ambassadors attend Ignite's 2 day jump start kick-off training

2.  Ambassadors attend ongoing monthly training for each monthly lesson

3.  Teams are assigned to each classroom to facilitate a 30 minute lesson

Through the articulation of success culture, generations are impacted for years to come!



Ambassadors try their best to be role models in their role of leadership

There is a powerful incentive for Ambassadors to make better decisions because they like being a leader at their school. They take ownership for their actions and are quick to make corrections to continue to earn their role.

They are capable of using their influence in a positive way that encourages others to do the same! 


the foundation to creating a district-wide culture of success 

True to our background in culture advancement, we believe in speaking to students with the right spirit of intent by using uplifting language and an outreach mindset.

Our focus is on growth! From making big strides with personal behavior, to learning how to be more confident, all improvement should be celebrated in an inclusive community.