Integrated Online & Onsite Model

A Sustainable blended System created for efficacy

Ignites’ curriculum and framework includes an organized, consistent, replicate-able leadership model with learning outcomes, focused on academic or socio-emotional discovery and growth.

Our unique structure integrates 21st Century Learning with a Flipped Classroom Model. The result is a blended learning solution that equips and empowers all stakeholders; advisors, executive mentors, and mentors to deliver to your mentees with fidelity. 

Why does Ignite's Blended-Learning System work?

Online Training. In Class Delivery. More Time to Grow. 

Meeting the needs of today’s learners means adapting and creating solutions that support all learning styles anytime, anywhere.  

First, our online system drives the training, skill building, and accountability that mentors and advisors need to learn their lesson.

Then, what they learned is applied in class! Through our train-the-trainer approach, advisors and students can spend more time teaching themselves, collaborating, and preparing for their mentees! 

Our online system features content specifically created to support each role in the system; Advisors, Executive Mentors, and Mentors. Every Ignite Lesson comes with a video featuring instructional guides, facilitation and management techniques, coaching, quizzes, performance-based feedback, and real footage of students actually facilitating the lesson. 

What Can Your Mentors Do?

Design elements of Ignite's curriculum

Engagement for every student

Personalized Learning

Student Agency

Online Training, In Class Delivery

Expanding Leadership Capacity: Servant Leadership


lesson structure

Co-Curricular Design

Predictable 4 Step Lesson Model 

Experiential Learning

Reflections & Ongoing Assessments

Classroom-Wide Structure for Consistency


Never in my 28 years at this school have I seen such a positive difference. Students looking out for students.
— 2015 Football Coach