Select Your Level of Support for Middle School and High School 

Sustainable: Online Training System

School subscription $3500

Our Ignite Nation Bridge training platform for Secondary Schools include online access to instructional system to set up a successful sustainable program. All the on board coaching of creating a diverse team of staff and student mentors. A timeline customized to school goals including marketing and informational power points and recommended approaches to working with school staff and incoming staff. The system includes training videos, sample students leading all 4 parts of a lesson videos, lesson plans, and support curriculum for the advisor, executive mentor and mentors. . The training curriculum for Middle School and High School  aligns with ELAC National standards, Ed Technology National Standards, ASCA National Standards and Mindsets & Behaviors for Student Success National Standards. Advisors, Executive Mentors and Mentors have over 60 + hours of learning designed to support their role. Our goal is to get your school certified in the first year.  

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Three Levels of Support to Get Started!

Level 1: Basic 

Ignite Training Platform & over 20+ hours of ongoing coaching for advisor and executive mentors: $5,900

Our BASIC program has been designed for first & second year schools that have an existing program in place and are looking to enhance their level of support.  Your school will be assigned an Ignite coach to work with all year. Virtual Meetings for Advisors, and Executive Mentors will all be part of your customized support. Our goal is to help you maximize the results of implementation and create a system where your team will feel supported and your community begins to see results in their first semester and be certified to run the customized program for your school or district.

Every month your team will work with an online coach customizing the program to your school. Your coach will bring best practices and recommend the best time to bring on academic support and celebrations. The goal is for you're advisor to feel confident they are not alone with taking on this project, and feel supported by our team of experts every step of the way!

Level 2: Jump Start (Includes Level 1)

Get your advisors, executive mentors, and mentors off to a great start! 

1 -full day of onsite Executive Mentor Training and 2 full days of Mentor Kick off Training with your assigned Ignite Coach, Trainers, and College Interns.

Empower your team to support every incoming student by getting them started with foundational training camp. Help them start the year strong with the skills and motivation their need to build lasting relationships that make a difference.  

Training days include motivational assemblies, team building activities and breakouts for skill development in public speaking, facilitation & classroom management. All leaders will learn how to work with a team and be given the opportunity to come together set goals and be guided through the process. The Ignite team will prepare your students and staff to lead their orientation day. They will have the skills and confidence run it for their incoming class. This day is their first positive experience in understanding the opportunity they have in their yearlong role.

  • Call us for a customized plan.

  • (3 day Onsite Support $6,000; Level 1 $5,900, Total Investment: $11,900 + Travel)

Level 3: Includes Level 1 & 2 & Ongoing Onsite support

Investment customized to your school or district needs. Calls us to talk through the best plan for your team! 

There is no better way to support your Advisors, Executive Mentors, and Mentors then by having one of our Ignite Coaches assigned to your school. Your coach will attend your monthly training sessions modeling the process and working with your advisors to establish our train the trainer system. Some schools choose to have a Ignite coach onsite every month and others like to have a coach be there for the first two months. We can set it up to meet the individual needs of your school.


How do we support all roles of Ignite in your school?

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