Ignite's Foundational Kick-Off Training

Everything we do has a meaning and a purpose

Our focus is to expand the leadership capacity of your school by training a new, untraditional cross section of students that are selected by equity and diversity. 

Foundational Training helps transition students and advisors into their role and teach them the core skills they need to sustain themselves throughout the entire school year, in just a few days. Its our training model that allows us to cover more skill development and growth in short periods of time. 

This kick off training becomes a tradition as skills are continuously passed down from generation to generation. Each year, mentees become mentors. After 2-3 years, every single student in your school will be impacted. 



We Bring the Training To You! 

Ignite packs up bootcamp and runs it at your school or district

1 Day Staff Advisor Training

1 Day Spring Transitions Kick off

2 Day Yearlong Executive Mentor Training

2 Day Yearlong Mentor Team Training

Why Foundational Training? 

because 4 Days of learning = 180 Days of influence

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Invest In Sustainability

increase your return of investment

Mentors experience an activity that talks about judgement and peer influence in their school. Activities can be great equalizers allowing everyone to connect despite their differneces. 

Mentors experience an activity that talks about judgement and peer influence in their school. Activities can be great equalizers allowing everyone to connect despite their differneces. 

New and current schools always take advantage of  jump starting Ignite in their building each year. Its our rigor, specialized training, engagement, and accelerated growth that equips everyone to navigate their newly introduced, day-to-day role while getting results. 

Because our system is a blended learning solution, it requires collaboration AND individual performance between staff and students to be sustainable. Student agency, when introduced within an accountable structure, can support school-wide goals of improving culture and getting results! 

4 days of specialized training prepares your team with the skills, training model, engagement techniques, and resources they need to impact your incoming and first year students all year long. 

What's Makes It Unique?

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1. We get them to own their learning from day 1, and they love it

Executive Mentors spend their 2 days learning how to train, coach, and support their mentors 

Executive Mentors are then supported as they prepare to facilitate sessions for Mentor Training

Mentors experience training with their entire team, learning from their Executives

Everyone gains the skills, experience, and confidence they need to impact their school

Advisors are advocates, overseeing the system and structure coaching the team to success!

2. They use their online IN Bridge learning system from the start! No role is the same!

Introducing the team to their online training system is a huge part of training. Its this system that will drive the teaching process through Executive Mentors. Why? Because we do everything through a flipped classroom model.

Each role has their own collection of content to keep everything running smoothly while keeping them on the same page, consistently. They also have different permissions on the site. During training, Advisors, Executives, and Mentors will learn their abilities on the site. 

3. we show, then tell, through experiential learning

The best way to learn how to do something, is to do it! Right? But seeing what you're expected to do, before you have to do it usually helps and makes you feel a lot more confident too! "I do, we do, you do" is our approach. 

4. The art of facilitation is the vehicle to successful engagement

This is the secret sauce. How can you make an activity, more than just a game? Our focus has always been to bring concepts from each of our lessons to life. They MUST connect to a student's daily life in school, at home, with friends, and eventually in college as they pursue their adult lives. Skills that help learners for life. 

5. building teams, small group setting, 1 on 1 coaching

Whether its 240 mentors or 30, Ignite Coaches are able to identify each student's abilities, behavior profiles, and leadership capacity. Right from the start, we break them into equity-based teams to experience breakout sessions in a more intimate setting that will maximize their growth. From there, coaches work face-to-face with small teams of 15-30.