A Staff Compact for Excellence



What is a staff compact for excellence?

A Staff Compact for Excellence is an action plan that is agreed upon by your entire team of staff that is created out of their shared beliefs about teaching and learning.

Having defined what best practices should look like, everyone agrees to work together with consistency and intentionality in doing their best work, while doing it with respect and care. 



why have a staff compact?

Adults must come together before students can rally.  Students respond to consistency so they need a consistent success culture for teaching and learning to happen. 

The process of developing the compact gives staff ownership and accountability in their actions and behaviors because they are committed to the benefits of their desires outcomes.  


What are the outcomes of a compact?

The Compact for Excellence aligns with your Shared Beliefs.  

When classrooms become learning communities driven by students that take ownership of the expectations, they understand what it looks like to do their best work and be their best selves. 

Most agree that when this practice is consistently implemented, a collective focus on success culture, it will significantly impact classroom behavior and student achievement.



Completion of your staff compact for excellence opens doors

Once adults have successfully rallied, you can then move on to unifying the culture of your  school. Through collaboration with staff, students, and parents, the School-Wide Touchstone serves as an inspiring binding language that unites the school community.