5 Things School Didn't Teach Me

By Kyle Gallagher, Ignite Intern, A Student Perspective

1. How to Find a Place to Live and Pay Rent

I’m convinced that I could graduate with a PhD in real estate markets and still not know how to do this. You’ll have to learn this one on your own… or ask Mom and Dad for help.

2. How to Schedule My Own Doctor Appointments

I mean a regular checkup with a real doctor. Not a pediatrician or an emergency stop doctor. Eventually I’ll have to figure this one out for myself, but until then I’ll just ask for help.

3. How to Barter, Haggle, and Negotiate

Being a college student, you might think that you’re intelligent and smarter than the average person. The  truth is, you’re not. Unless you’re fairly practiced in this skill, you’re probably still getting ripped off.  Statistically speaking, college aged people are the worst negotiators.

4. How to Manage Personal Investments

A lot of people seem to think that college will teach you about finances and investments. Especially if you’re studying business. Unless you’re exclusively studying finance and securities exchange, you’re better off investing in a savings account… or paying somebody to manage your investments… that too.

5. How to File My Personal Taxes

And I even took a class on tax accounting. You might learn a little if you take the right classes, but nothing that TurboTax can’t do for you (and for a fraction of the cost of tuition). Understanding your taxes doesn’t make them any more fun to pay… trust me.

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