Assessing School Culture?

We embrace two definitions of culture that resonate with the methodology of our work:

"School culture is defined as a sum of the values, rituals, traditions, norms, and practices within a school that defines the persona of a school. This culture causes it to function and react in particular ways"  - ASTD

"The nature of relationships among adults within a school has a greater influence on the character and quality of that school and on student accomplishments than anything else" -R.S Barth


Smart & Good Schools

following the research of character-based solutions

Whether you're helping students to be smart, or helping students to be good, you need character for both. The foundation of our work relies on our ability to shift the way we think about character in culture. We reference the  "Smart & Good Schools: Integrating Excellence and Ethics for Success in School, Work, and Beyond" report to the Nation that Help Youth Lead Productive, Ethical, and Fulfilling Lives. 



Institute for Excellence & Ethics


Conducting a School Culture Inventory an online survey for both adults and students establishes the baseline of the existing school 'culture'. This report is generated by our assessment partner, "The Institute for Excellence and Ethics".   This understanding and acceptance of the current state can enable a school to establish the 'desired state' and the creation of  relevant practices to close the gap.