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Social Emotional Learning & Academic Success for every Student in your School

Experts in creating a success culture

Partnered with over 10,000 staff and 100,000 students to empower, lead, and inspire


Create 21st Century Leaders

Develop a Success Culture!

Voice of Hope!

We will help you equip your students with strong communication, empathy and relational skills to grow the social emotional competency of every student in your school. Let’s provide them with life skill needed in our 21st Century.

20 Years of Success!

Supporting staff and students with over 180,000+ hours onsite support. Ignite coaches have been partnering with staff and students. Our team has been walking the hallways, listening in the lunchrooms, observing in the classrooms,  training students and staff.

Online Training System

We provide a step by step, easy to implement online training system for professional development, Student Transitions Mentoring, and Ignite Character for Elementary. Advisors and students, that will get you results in the first year.

Our Online Training System will help you develop a Success Culture

Professional Development

Staff Culture Advancement System     

Create a sustainable success culture by improving collegiality and student performance. Develop a culture leadership team that supports your staff through creating shared beliefs, a staff compact, and helps your school build a school Touchstone. Create a culture that strives to improve student performance everyday. Raise the expectation!


Ignite Character!

elementary School Ambassador leaders Social Emotional Learning lead by your students

Student Ambassadors impact the classroom, lunchroom, and playground with a new level of respect and understanding. 

Every month student ambassadors raise the bar of expectation and lead by example everyday.

Bring Your Character Words to Life!

Student Transitions Mentoring

High School & Middle School Mentoring

Student mentors impacting social, emotional, and academic achievement for every incoming student. A proven system that increases your graduation rate and gets you results in the first semester. Impact Academics, Attendence, Compassion, and Safety! Increase Student Voice!

Social, Emotional and Academic Focus

Power of One!

Students leading students

A breaking down the wall day will increase empathy, compassion and provide your students and staff with an opportunity to get real and honor their community. This can be for a specific class or school wide event facilitated by your student leaders, Ignite Coach, and Assembly Speaker.

Assemblies, Large Group Activities, Breakouts are all part of a system that works!

Empower every student!


We're Here to Help

You can get started at anytime of the year. Whether you're looking to enhance a current program or this is your first time, we make it easy to start and fun to sustain. Let's talk!



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Free resources

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