We build leadership capacity with students and staff

We've built onsite programs and online trainings to help your school create comprehensive, sustainable change in your building.  We know change doesn't happen in a two-day training seminar. It happens in the classrooms, lunchrooms and hallways of your school. The Ignite system uses innovative programs and online tools designed to change school culture from the inside out.  IN creates a culture of accountability and self belief - one student at a time. IN helps build servant leaders and global citizens. 

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Our Unique Process to Building Achievement Cultures

We know every school is unique, that's why we work with you to ignite school-wide culture and academic growth. Our process results in creating an Achievement Culture. Our School Achievement Experts are trained and experienced in building a unique and targeted plan for your school!

Here's how we do it:

Step 1: We do an initial audit of your school's needs and goals(through data, anecdotal, and assessments)

Step 2: We administer a 'Smart & Good' assessment. (by the Institute for Excellence & Ethics)

Step 3: We consult with your leadership team to design the right solutions and first steps.

Step 4: We help you implement your plan using proven and innovative practices.

Our programs cultivate powerful student leaders, bring interactive teaching techniques to the classroom; unify students and adults around school culture; open dialogue between students, teachers and parents; and create a climate of accountability and belief in self. We change school culture from the inside out.

Rigorous and Comprehensive Peer to Peer 'Transition' Focused Mentoring for Incoming Students in Middle and High Schools

Peer mentoring is one of the most powerful and affordable ways to impact
individuals and create school-wide change. Peer mentoring works because it empowers students to be a part of the solution.

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School Culture Advancement

Ignite collaborates with your staff and leadership team to develop shared beliefs, improve collegiality, and campus culture.

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Student Leadership

Our unique leadership training programs focus on a ‘pay it forward’ component which enables student leaders to develop their unique style of servant leadership.

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